Historic San Felipe de Austin

To the northeast of Sealy, along the Mill creek, stood Cummings Mill, the first water powered mill in Texas (1826). 
Trenckman's Austin County states the Cummings Mill sawed from the trunks of virgin forest the lumber to build San Felipe.

Five miles east of Sealy along I-10, the Brazos River would guide steamboats carrying cotton from the plantations
to the North. The famous "Yellowstone" steamboat which carried Sam Houston and his troops across to Groces Landing
would also carry the body of Stephen F. Austin to his burial place at Peach Point.

Colonial Capital of Texas

With reverence, I shall honor Stephen Fuller Austin for my heritage and I will cherish with dignity the memory of those courageous souls that gave their lives for freedom. I will be free and stand tall and proud as another flag shall unfurl over my charred ashes. Will rejoice at the silence of cannons and know that the tainted smell of war shall fill my senses no more. I am the Cradle of Texas Liberty - the once colonial capital of Texas - I am San Felipe and I shall rise again!


Learn about the early history of San Felipe "The Cradle of Texas Liberty" at the San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site.

The site preserves a portion of the townsite of San Felipe de Austin that served as the colonial capital of Texas. Visitors also explore the life of Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas," and his impact on the settlement and independence of Texas.

Texas' Newest History Museum!

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site

220 2nd Street, San Felipe


On a picturesque bluff overlooking the Brazos River, the story of Austin and the pioneers that followed him to Texas is told through exhibits in the new 10,000 square-foot musuem, statues, monuments, historical markers, a replica cabin and the Josey Store.

The new San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum opened in late April 2018 with state-of-the-art displays, offers visitors a chance to see unique objects on display including a desk that once belonged to Stephen F. Austin, an 1830s cast iron printing press, and many artifacts recovered during archeological investigations at the site. 

The outdoor attractions are open daily with no admission fee.

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum


Stephen F. Austin Button
1928 Fundraising Pin replica


Austin County Legislative Day, May 3.
In honor of our namesake
Stephen F. Austin, Father of Texas

In 1928 the schoolchildren of Austin County sold “Father of Texas” pins to raise funds for a monument to Stephen F. Austin at the site of his Colonial Capital of San Felipe de Austin. Inspired by their efforts, the Town of San Felipe donated 6 acres at the center of Austin’s 1823 town-site to being a memorial park. The pint granite obelisk they funded, shown at right, was unveiled in November, 1928. This historic site was a focus of the Texas Centennial celebrations, and in 1940 was donated to the State of Texas.

Now, over 90 years after our county’s school children commemorated the Father of Texas, it is time for a new generation of Texas leaders to take on the challenge. The Texas Historical Commmision began management of the site in 2008. In 2012 they added more than 70 acres to it, and in April 2018 opened the new museum and visitor center to tell the story of Stephen F. Austin and his Colonial Capital.


SFA Museum

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site Museum

Stephen F. Austin Statue

Colonial Capital of Texas
Visit The Colonial Capital of Texas
website for more detailed information
about this very important historic site.

185th Anniversary Of Texas Independence



Archeology Awareness month in October

Archeological Investigations/Hands-on Archeology

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Don't miss the Heritage Celebration Father of Texas Birthday in November
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The Town of San Felipe, its citizens, and the members of the Friends of San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site have been celebrating the birthday of Stephen F. Austin for over 90 years – through the Great Depression, and World War II, and on through the present year.

This event celebrates Stephen F. Austin’s birthday with special activities, presentations, demonstrations and reenactments.

Hosted by San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site
and Texas Historical Commission

Free; donations are accepted.

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site
220 2nd St., San Felipe, Texas 77473
(48 miles west of Houston, IH 10 exit 723)

Information: Bryan McAuley, 877.558.7245 (toll free)

  San Felipe de Austin Heritage Celebration




Stephen F. Austin State Park

Deer San Felipe State Park

Stephen F. Austin State Park is nestled on the banks of the Brazos River and provides opportunities to get up close to nature. This quiet and peaceful park, located just 30 minutes from the outskirts of Houston, is a nice escape from busy city life. Various species of flora & fauna call the park home and many are visible with just a car ride through the park.

Activities include picnicking, camping, fishing, hiking, and nature and historical tours.
Open 7 days a week year-round.
Information 979-885-3616 |  Reservations 515-389-8900


Painted Bunting

San Felipe and the Stephen F. Austin State Park are a part of
The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail

as one of the birding hotspots of coastal Texas,
offering a variety of seasonal birding events.

Our county has some of the most breathtaking birds in North American as abundant visitors, including the Painted Bunting pictured here (a member of the Cardinal family).



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